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I recently went to a business trip with my husband badassteens to Washington, and before we left, I grabbed some sexy underwear as a pleasant surprise for him and a vibrator for me when I was alone. On the first day my husband went to a meeting, I laid in bed and decided to order breakfast, after waiting a wait time of 10 minutes, I decided to take a shower, thinking that would leave out food. I took badassteens my underwear sexy to me, I installed badassteens and would like to you later. After my shower, I dried my black stockings and suspenders in the Basque country and red and black hot. Wow I did when I thought I saw in the mirror in the bathroom, I saw bloody hot, so I thought I'd have a little game with myself in the mirror, pulled it desperately shower chair with my breasts and big game shaved pussy. I was wet for the next fun idea when I sat, I could see in the mirror through the open bedroom door, my nippless difficult material clearly through the tips, I pressed hard and rubbed it between his fingers, he felt rich and that made ​​my pussy for me please, stick a finger in my wet hole. I spread my legs on the chair and I could see my juices badassteens dripping. I began to tease my clit, rubbing and squeezing her and stuck my fingers deep into my pussy lick from time to time moves in my mouth and suck my own juices taste mmmmm. suddenly I was not alone, and watched to see crisp, attractive waiter in the doorway looking at me, 'Sorry ma'am,' he stammered, ' I play, but there was no response and do not disturb sign, I thought which was abandoned in order to have breakfast in the comfortable. '' But I must say I'm hot sight he saw, surprised, ' said gains in confidence. 'I would not have badassteens heard you call,' I replied while spying on the bulge in his pants impressive slow growth. 'Why did not you notice that the output tray down and help me as I take off the Basquebegging u are here, ' my tits, to be free. presented the fact that I badassteens was married and did not want to lose your job. I told my husband what a hot dog and want to know me to enjoy myself. no he needed badassteens a second runway and I pushed the door closed on the large double bed and kissed me hard and stroking his bronzed and muscular young body. I refused and told him to be patient, as I wanted in the first place, I bunk and threw her clothes on the bed. his cock badassteens was huge, I was not sure if I could get my mouth around it, it was so thick. I straddled his face and pressed my pussy pushed by , his tongue hard into my pussy and suck my clit hard, his hands squeezing my ass and I had to touch my big breasts in my hands hard on my nipples. ' pussy is dripping wet,' he said, 'not before you like, 'I said,' I will come in my face, so may want to try. 'I left her face and moved to the end of the bed and shuffleds me, his huge dick round weight. I'm on my knees and took his huge cock in my hot mouth, she sucked and licked as he slid hard into my mouth. I could see my ass and pussy naked in the bedroom mirror. I could see he was soaked and asked me if I want a bit of a surprise, while sucking on the tail, picked up the phone in the room and asked his friend to return a little more orange juice winks quickly and for me , as he did. Before I knew it was a knock on the door and another waiter, he quickly realized the situation and was operational. I was lost in the ecstasy of sucking huge cock, enjoying his hand pushed me in the back of the head of his shaft over and over again. 'Look at her wet pussy beautiful,' said his friend ' to fuck her, she is fucking hot and juicy, hard and make your semen on his penis and suck it. ' With these words, he knelt behind me, spread my ass and pussy wide and fucking told mewith your fingers at first. 'Fuck, is exuberant,' said ' it makes my cock swell, so I'll fuck with it. ' I felt his cock push into my pussy dripping. 'Fuck her', said ribs and my stockings and suspenders and my Basque down so he could squeeze my tits beautiful. He fucked me slowly at first, so I sucked his cock friends too slow to match the pace. I began to fuck faster and faster that sucked, we were all ecstatic. My head was pushed hard in my pussy huge cock and gets fucked hard. 'Fuck yeah' I thought, and it was not long before both horses panting and moaning filled my mouth and pulling back and ass with hot badassteens milk. At that time, my pussy went into spasms and I shuddered to orgasm incredible. Then I sat down in the face of the waiter first so I could prove my semen as promised, she sucked my cock clean for him other waiters and two girls were instantly hard again. We have introduced the fuck all morning trying loads of different positions and holes, cumming again and again. Finally, I said I would be with a relaxing bath before and told the guys that was gone when I came back, thanked them for the hot morning. 'I'll call when you need it again,' he said with a smile. It was suggested that they knew some girls who would be for a badassteens little fun with a dog in heat, like me. I told them I say that my small hotel pool later in the night, if they dared to meet........... But that's another story for later xxxxx
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Dimanche 27 mai 7 27 /05 /Mai 06:26

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